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Brian Wilson handwritten lyrics expected to make $300,000

Brian Wilson's handwritten lyrics to Catch a Wave are among highlights of Sotheby's Folk to Fury sale

Brian Wilson's handwritten lyrics for two tracks on the Beach Boys' Surfer Girl (1963) album are to sell at Sotheby's.

The lyrics to Catch a Wave and a fragment of Little Deuce Coupe are handwritten on Western Recorders headed paper, the studio where the band produced the album.

Brian Wilson lyrics
Brian Wilson wrote the lyrics on Western Recorders headed paper

Surfer Girl was the band's third effort and the first Brian Wilson produced himself.

The lot is valued at $200,000-300,000 ahead of the December 10 From Folk to Fury sale in New York.

It will join a piano played by John Lennon on Sgt Pepper, a banner the Sex Pistols displayed during their 1977 jubilee boat party and Bob Dylan's original lyrics to Blowin' in the Wind.

Beach Boys memorabilia is rare and extremely difficult to get hold of.

The surviving members of the band (and their management) keep a tight rein on what appears on the market.

One major auction of memorabilia was cancelled in 2013 after the band won a legal battle, claiming the pieces had originally been stolen.

This is one of the first sets of lyrics by the band ever to appear at auction and is likely to attract major attention.

The surfboard that appears on the cover of Surfer Girl is selling at Rockaway Records with an asking price of $100,000.

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