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The Quiet Man script to lead sale of Maureen O'Hara's estate

A script for The Quiet Man (1952) will auction with an estimate of $120,000

A working script for classic movie The Quiet Man (1952) is valued at $80,000-120,000.

It will auction at Bonhams' sale of the estate of Maureen O'Hara, the film's star.

The Quiet Man was one of five films O'Hara made with John Wayne and director John Ford.

Maureen OHara Quiet
Maureen O'Hara starred alongside John Wayne in John Ford's The Quiet Man

The movie relates the story of an Irish-American boxer who returns home to his native Ireland after accidentally killing an opponent in the ring.

It was filmed on location in County Mayo and Galway.

O'Hara (who was born in County Dublin) has annotated the script with her own notes, including editing certain lines to sound more authentically Irish - for example "You talk big" is changed to "It's big talk you have".

It includes a few Gaelic swear words she wrote out for director John Ford: "shee-a-pock—whore / goshthereen—big mistake (In Galway for bastard)".

Other highlights include a hand drawn Valentines card sent from John Ford to O'Hara.

It's valued at $1,000-1,500.

Ford and O'Hara had a difficult personal and professional relationship. Ford once punched her in the face at a party (she didn't retaliate as she wanted him to see that she could take a punch).

This card dates to 1955, during filming for The Long Gray Line - their penultimate film together.

The auction will take place in New York on November 29.

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