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Son of Frankenstein poster valued at $100,000

The Son of Frankenstein poster is the rare style A one sheet

An original 1939 Son of Frankenstein one sheet poster could make $50,000-100,000 at Heritage Auctions.

The sequel was hugely profitable, but marked the last time Boris Karloff would don green paint and neck bolts.

Frankenstein Boris Karloff
Posters from the Frankenstein series are highly sought after

He felt the character was becoming a parody of itself. The franchise limped on for a number of years afterwards, but this is regarded as its last decent outing.

The auction house comments: "This is the much anticipated Heritage debut of the style A one sheet, an incredibly elusive poster that features all three monster greats - Karloff, Rathbone and Lugosi.

"The only large format paper we have presented from this film are two half sheets and a Swedish one sheet, making this poster an irresistible opportunity to acquire a special piece of monster film history!"

An insert poster for the original Frankenstein (1931) sold for $263,000 in a 2013 auction.

A Casablanca (1942) insert poster is expected to realise $30,000-60,000.

The lot displays all of the main characters, with Humphrey Bogart taking centre frame with his iconic fedora, fawn overcoat and gun.

Heritage describes it as "one of the best posters produced for the film's ad campaign."

It retains its bright colours with minimal wear - factors that will greatly enhance its appeal to collectors.

The sale takes place in Dallas on July 30-31.

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Images: Heritage Auctions

Last updated: 5 July 2016