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Boba Fett rocket figurine to beat auction record?

The Boba Fett rocket figurine never entered production

A rare Kenner Boba Fett figurine is to sell at Vectis Auctions in Teeside, UK on July 19 with an estimate of £15,000-20,000 ($20,134-26,846).

The toy was never released, as the firing rocket was a choking hazard.

Boba Fett Kenner
This rare unpainted Boba Fett prototype has been authenticated by a former Kenner employee

It's now one of the most sought after items in the Kenner catalogue. Only around 24 are known to exist.

As an indication of how prized they are, a loose rocket sold for £1,600 ($2,138) at Vectis last year.

Earlier this year a unique painted prototype was offered for $150,000 on eBay, although it failed to sell.

The lot is consigned from a major French collection described as the best to ever come to auction.

Louise Harker of Vectis told local newspaper the Gazette: "This remarkable piece has been given the highest estimate of the sale.

"This sale consists of such a vast amount of rare items, which makes it so incredibly special.

"Some are rare because of the condition they are in, others are rare because there are just so few known to exist.

"But what is certain, is that there are a lot of pieces in this sale that collectors will not have seen before."

The lot looks set to beat the record for a Star Wars figurine, set at £18,000 ($24,035) for a regular production Palitoy Boba Fett at Vectis last year.

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Images: Vectis Auctions

Last updated: 16 July 2016