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Concorde Machmeter to auction in Toulouse

The Concorde Machmeter is expected to auction for around $8,000

A Machmeter will be one of the star lots of an auction of Concorde parts and memorabilia at Marc Labarbe in Toulouse.

Concorde Manchester Labarbe
Concorde's Machmeter was made by high-end watchmaker Jaeger  

The lot is expected to make around $5,623-7,873 when it crosses the block on November 3-5.

It was used to show the speed of the plane using measurements relative to the speed of sound.

Concorde's maximum speed was a blistering Mach 2.02. That's around 2,180km/h - more than twice the speed of sound.

Another Concorde Machmeter sold for £32,900 ($43,556) in a charity auction held shortly after the fleet was retired in 2003.

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Images: Marc Labarbe

Last updated: 15 September 2016