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Judea Mamea Roman carved head offered at Christie's

The carved head depicts Judea Mamea, mother of Roman emperor Severus Alexander

A carved marble head of Judea Mamea, mother of the Roman emperor Severus Alexander, could make £60,000-80,000 ($74,637-99,516).

Judea Mamea head
Judea Mamea met a sticky end

The piece dates to AD 222-232 and will be the star lot of Christie's Antiquities sale in London on December 6.

Mamea was a powerful figure in ancient Rome, serving as regent of the empire during her son's infancy and retaining much of her influence after he came of age.

Like many notable people in Roman history, she and her son met a sticky end. They were killed together in a military coup, while campaigning in Germany in AD 235.  

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Images: Christie's

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