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1967 Davy Crockett imperforate stamps offered at Siegel

The 1967 Davy Crockett imperforate pair will headline a sale of modern US stamps

A 1967 5c Davy Crockett imperforate pair will be among the top lots of a Robert A Siegel sale that includes a range of modern US error stamps.

The stamp was the second issue in the popular American Folklore series. It was released on August 17, 1967 - the frontiersman's 181st birthday.

Davy Crockett pair
This is one of a handful of imperforate pairs from this issue

The example offered in the sale is one of between three and five examples of an imperforate pair, making it one of the rarest modern US errors.

To give you an idea of the scale we're working on, the first run consisted of around 120m stamps.

Siegel comments: "We have not offered another since keeping computerized records".

It's expected to make around $7,500.

Two imperforate sheets of 1997 32c World of Dinosaurs stamps carry an identical estimate.

The lot consists of one imperforate top sheet and one imperforate bottom.

Only two of each are known, meaning this lot features half of all the available specimens of this error.

A 1975 10c Pioneer Jupiter block of six "colour and text omitted" stamps are also expected to sell well.

The issue was produced to commemorate the Pioneer 10 probe's study of Jupiter in 1973.

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