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‘George Washington eBay chicken nugget’ proves the US president’s value

Collectors can’t get enough of Washington, as a chicken nugget bearing his likeness brings $8,100

The latest bizarre news from eBay is that a chicken nugget supposedly bearing the likeness of US president George Washington has sold for $8,100.

The unique snack auctioned alongside a patriotic US 'stars n stripes' photograph. It apparently worked, with bids on the frozen chicken snack climbing to $200 within a few hours.

The $8,100 funds were apparently raised by US seller Rebekah Speight to send 50 children and members of a Family Worship Center to an Iowa summer camp.

Ms Speight had kept the nugget for three years, having discovered it while tidying up after her children's McDonalds trip.

The sale is, of course, crazy. But it does illustrate the continuing appeal of George Washington among collectors. The US's first-ever President was in office for eight years, from 1789-1797. He died just two years later in 1799.

And sales of top-end George Washington memorabilia go well beyond the $8,000 mark.

We at Paul Fraser Collectibles were proudly involved in the sale of George Washington's earliest known signature, inscribed on a handwritten land survey when the future president was just 18-years-old.

Other pieces we have for sale include:

Elsewhere, while the ex-Rebekah Speight chicken nugget might resemble George Washington, an historical portrait flask auctioned from the Thomas McCandless lifetime bottle collection last month actually bears his likeness.

The flask was made circa 1840-1860 by Bridgeton Glass Works of New Jersey, US. In the end, it sold for an impressive $52,650.

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