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The 10 Best Collectible Investments of All Time

Are you satisfied with the returns your traditional savings and investments are making you?

If, like me, you're not content to simply break even year after year, I suspect the answer is a resounding NO!

I'm about to show you the long-term success investors have had from collectibles.

Putting mainstream investments in the shade.

Bringing exciting diversity to their portfolios.

Spreading the risk.

But first, you need to know this:

·         Only the rarest, most stunning items make investment-grade collectibles. They require a sizable financial commitment - I suggest a $5,000 minimum.

·         Prices don't always go up - historical numbers are no guarantee of future values - but choose your pieces carefully and there is a strong chance you will have success.

·         You're not alone - scores of successful buyers have supplemented their incomes by successfully buying, and then selling, collectibles.

One last thing.

You may want to compare the figures you're about to see with these:

·         The Dow Jones: up 5.3% per annum in the last 10 years

·         FTSE100: up 4.9% per annum in the last 10 years

·         Savings accounts: now offering 3% interest at best

·         Inflation: up 4.1% in the US (5.2% in the UK) in recent times.

The 10 Best Collectible Investments of All Time

Judy Garland Wizard of Oz dress - up 19.3% per annum

Wizard of Oz dress
Bought for $2,000 in 1981, sold for $480,000 in 2012

Only a handful of Dorothy dresses saw screen time in the 1939 film - explaining the clamour for this piece in 2012. The enduring worldwide affection for the groundbreaking film helped too.

George Washington's Acts of Congress - up 13.1% per annum

George Washington Acts of Congress Christie's world record
Bought for $27,000 in 1964, sold for $9.8m in 2012

Washington's personal copy of the Acts of Congress, featuring his annotations on the US Constitution, sold for $9.8m in 2012 - a record for a US book.

Action Comics #1 - up 21.0% per annum

Action Comics issue 1 Nicholas Cage graded 9.0
Bought for $150,000 in 1997, sold for $2.2m in 2011

Bought and sold by actor Nicolas Cage, the increase in value and comic book world record price has much more to do with the incredibly high and unusual grade of this first appearance of Superman than its celebrity provenance.

Two Bonnie and Clyde Guns - up 6.0% per annum

Bonnie Parker .38 Colt Detective Special
Bought for $100,000 in 1988, sold for $504,000 in 2012

The two guns were found on Bonnie and Clyde's bodies after the criminals were killed in an ambush in 1934. The grisly connection with their last moments ensured a host of bidders in 2012.

Apollo 17 space flown Robbins medals - up 9.8% per annum

Apollo 17 Robbins Medal
Sold for $38,837 in 2012, identical item had sold for $26,290 in 2008

Space-flown items are the absolute pinnacle for space collectors - especially those pieces connected with the illustrious Moon missions. Just 80 mission-flown Apollo 17 Robbins medals exist - ensuring fierce competition when they appear on the market.

Chinese Monkey stamps record - up 186% in a year 

China monkey stamps
A sheet of 100 sold for $67,294 in January 2010 - an identical sheet made $192,000 in September 2011

The value of rare Chinese stamps is booming, as the country produces ever increasing numbers of high-net-worth-individuals. The record for a prestigious sheet of monkey stamps was broken four times between 2010 and 2011. 

Casablanca piano - up 5.9% per annum

top 5 movie memorabilia sales 2012
Bought for $154,000 in 1988, sold for $602,500 in 2012

One of two identical pianos used in the film - this was, for a time, the only one on the private market - boosting its value. The other resides at the Warner Bros Studio in California.

1652 New England sixpence - up 12.7% per annum

1652 New England sixpence coin auction
Bought for $35,200 in 1991, sold for $431,250 in 2012

Among the earliest coins ever produced on American soil, just eight 1652 New England sixpences exist. This combination of rarity and historic importance meant this example had many suitors last year.

Obama handwritten signed letter record - up 23.6% per annum

Record set at $7,000 in 2010, broken again in 2011 with $8,652 sale

As America's first black president, Barack Obama holds a unique position. It makes his memorabilia particularly attractive to collectors on the lookout for culturally and politically important pieces.

Marilyn Monroe Seven Year Itch dress - up 27.0% per annum

Bought for $400 in 1971, sold for $5.6m in 2011

The world's most valuable piece of film memorabilia.

Debbie Reynolds knew what she was doing when she remortgaged her house to buy this and several other stunning items of movie memorabilia from MGM in 1971.

The enduring appeal of Monroe, and the iconic scene (Monroe standing above a breezy Subway grate) in which she wore the dress, combined to produce the historic sale price in 2011.

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