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Russian 'House of Fabergé' great rarity stamps could bring $200,000

Once owned by Agathon Fabergé, this strip of three is among Russia's greatest stamp specimens

One of the greatest rarities of Russian philately will appear in Cherrystone Auctions' sale of the Alexander Collection of Imperial Russia on September 16.

The lot in question is the largest existing unused multiple of Russia's number two stamp. The only known examples are this strip of three and a block of four (ex-Liphschutz collection).

This historic horizontal strip-of-three comprises a trio of 1858 10 Krona brown and blue stamps, on thick paper. They are hinged at the top and are "post office fresh", with their full original gum and full embossing.

The horizontal trio of 1858 10 Krona brown and blue stamps

Other than a couple of opened perforations, the stamps are described by Cherrystone as "very fine in every respect" and carry an estimate of $200,000.

Naturally, a strip of this value also boasts a remarkable provenance, having previously featured in the vast collection started by Agathon Fabergé, of the renowned House of Fabergé, and continued by Oleg Fabergé.

What's more, the strip's reverse bears Fabergé's hand pencilled descriptions.

No surprise, then, that when this strip previously auctioned it realised $195,500 (including buyer's premium). Better still, it could prove an appreciable investment of its buyer when it auctions next month.


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