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Star Wars concert poster expected to bring $8,000 at Heritage

One of the rarest Star Wars collectibles, a 1978 poster, will ignite global interest on July 26

A rare 1978 poster from the Star Wars Concert series is set to ignite interest from bidders across the globe as it comes up for sale at Heritage's Vintage Movie Posters Signature Auction in Beverly Hills on July 26.

Star Wars Concert Series Movie Poster
One of the rarest Star Wars collectibles, bearing the holy grail of autographs

When the management of the concert changed hands in the spring of 1978, it was decided to design and print a unifying illustration for the ground-breaking series. Under the supervision of art director Suzy Rice, renowned movie poster artist John Alvin was chosen to produce the final poster, though it was never released to the public nor used at the events.

For this reason, the poster now stands as one of the rarest collectibles associated with the series and even features the holy grail of Star Wars autographs - that of creator George Lucas. The poster is said to be in excellent condition, with only a small piece of tape along the top edge marring its pristine state.

A stunning piece of Star Wars memorabilia, the poster is expected to sell for $5,000-8,000 at the auction, though Paul Fraser Collectibles expects it to far exceed this given its rarity and that all-important signature.

Investment-grade Star Wars items are becoming increasingly hard to find at auction, with the majority of original props having been absorbed into private collections that won't be coming to auction any time soon. That said, the incredible Dreier collection will be up for auction on July 28, which features an array of the finest Star Wars items, including the original Chewbacca head.

Paul Fraser Collectibles has a fantastic memento from the very first Star Wars movie, Episode IV: A New Hope. We have three pieces of Krayt Dragon bone, taken from the skeleton that appears during C-3P0's trek in the Dune Sea.

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Last updated: 15 July 2012