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Waterloo medal auctions for $11,500 in UK

A medal from the Battle of Waterloo auctions with a 150% increase on its top estimate

A medal awarded to Ensign Robert Martin following 1815's Battle of Waterloo auctioned for £7,500 ($11,399) at James & Sons auctioneers in the UK on March 18.

Estimated to be worth £2,500-3,000, the medal sold to an anonymous British bidder with a 150% increase on its top estimate.

Medal auction James and Sons
The medal shows some rusting but is otherwise in good condition

Auctioneer David James told the BBC: "It was the first medal to be issued universally to any British troops who took part in battle and there were probably about 8,000 minted.

"I don't think anybody could tell you how many are left, but it's rare for them to come on the market in this condition."

James went on to inform the broadcaster that he was "delighted" with the sale price.

The Battle of Waterloo saw Emperor Napoleon of France defeated by the Duke of Wellington on what is now Belgian soil. Little is known about Ensign Martin, though he is listed as serving under Captain Thomas Wilson's company in the 28th Gloucestershire regiment.

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Images: James & Sons

Last updated: 23 March 2013