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WWII Distinguished Flying Cross leads medals sale

The auction tomorrow will include a range of military awards and also an antique Colt revolver

This Friday (June 18), Thomson, Roddick and Medcalf will be holding a sale of Medals, Decorations and Militaria.

Comprising 337 lots, the auction is offering an impressive range of medals in particular with estimates that seem to be on the modest side.

Two stand out in particular: a Naval General Service Medal (GSM - despite 'GSM' usually referring to a type of medal awarded much later) awarded to a John Booth and carrying a Trafalgar clasp.

John Booth was listed on the roll as a Royal Marine, on the Revenge, and the medal appears to have been prepared for broaching. It is estimated at £3,000-5,000.

Secondly, a group led by a Distinguished Flying Cross awarded to Flight Lt George A Grundy. Grundy was awarded the DFC as observer on a Flying Fortress which made the first U-Boat kill out of the Azores on November 9 1943.

Distinguished Flying Cross
George Grundy's DFC group from WWII

The award will be offered along with a1939-45 medal, Atlantic Stars, with France & Germany clasp, War & Defence Medals and a number of pieces of related WWII militaria: a citation slip, insignia, log book, sight log book, aerial photos & others, training notes and other war memorabilia.

There is even a Corgi Aviation Archive model of the B-17 in his squadron colours. The whole lot carries a guide price of £2,500-4,000 - though comparable DFC groups have sold for more than this in recent times.

Also appearing in the sale is a Colt naval revolver from 1861. The .36 calibre pistol bears no engraving, though the barrel is stamped with the address of Col Samuel Colt New York. It is expected to bring £3,000-5,000 at auction.

The sale takes place in Carlisle, UK and will start at 11am.


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Last updated: 17 June 2010