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Teddy Roosevelt's 'most important and historic' shotgun blasts to $862,500

This key historic symbol of Roosevelt's Progressive Movement was the star lot at James D Julia

We previously described James D Julia's October 5-6 auction as a "sale of historic proportions" - and indeed it was, with the star lots including a shotgun owned by one of the United States' most unique presidents.

The "F" grade shotgun in question was owned by none other than Theodore Roosevelt, and was therefore a key symbol for a President who famously personified machismo and the most honourable sense of right and wrong.

It was while wielding this shotgun, a gift from the President of Fox Gun Company, that Roosevelt endeared people with his colourful and forceful personality, and led them towards what he called the "strenuous life" of hard work and pride.

The US President's "F" grade shotgun

According to James D Julia's lot notes, this gun was gifted to Roosevelt during his famous 1909 African safari. After the President's death, it was passed to his son Kermit, then to his son Kermit Roosevelt Jr.

The auctioning of the "F" grade shotgun marked its first-ever appearance on the private market, over a century after it was first gifted to Theodore Roosevelt in Africa.  James D Julia excitably billed it as "the most historic and important shotgun known to exist."

President Roosevelt in an advertisement for Fox Guns

Pre-sale estimates for the gun were available only on request, and no-doubt dwarfed by its final hammer price of $862,500.

James D Julia's auction took place in Fairfield, Maine, US.



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Last updated: 11 October 2010