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General/Emperor Yuan Shih-Kai

General/Emperor Yuan Shih-Kai

Chinese silver dollar doubles its estimate

The rare mint state piece from the founding of the Republic brought $32k

Baldwin's 48th Hong Kong sale has concluded with a sales total of $914,313 across the 868 rare coin and currency lots it was offering.

One of the key lots was a Silver Pattern Proof Dollar from 1916, a time when China was in transition from the last of the Qing dynasty Emperors to its Republic.

The valuable coin depicts Yuan Shih-Kai in military uniform. Yuan Shih-Kai was a famous general and, during the early months of 1916, briefly Emperor of China. Estimated at $15,000, it easily doubled this to bring $32,000, partly due to its brilliant condition.

Yuan Shih-Kai Silver Dollar
Yuan Shih-Kai Silver Dollar
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(The design on the obverse is the same as that on a gold coin recently on sale at Cayon Subastas, but the results of that sale have yet to be released.)

Likewise, a Chu Yu-Pu Silver Dollar (1927) in extremely fine and rare condition brought $26,000 from a guide price of just $8,000-10,000.

Sales of high-end Chinese collectible coins like these just go to show their excellent potential as an investment for the foreseeable future.


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Image: Baldwin's

Last updated: 2 March 2010