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The 16th century coin sold for dead-on its €80k estimate

The 16th century coin sold for dead-on its €80k estimate

€80k treasure leads German coin sale

Depicting King Stephen Báthory of Poland, this 16th century artefact was the top lot at Kuenker

German auction house Kuenker's spring coin sales proved successful, held from March 8-12.

As we previously reported, the auctions' predicted highlight emerged as its star lot: a Polish numismatic gem depicting King Stephen Báthory.

Dated to 1580, the Polish coin was minted halfway through the Báthory's reign from 1576-86. Today, it is of the utmost rarity.

King Stephen Báthory of Poland is depicted on the coin's surface

King Stephen himself is depicted holding a sceptre on the coin's sharply-carved surface, alongside the coats of arms of Poland and Lithuania.

Selling alongside a wealth of rarities from the Greek, Roman and other eras, the 28.36g coin carried an estimate of €80,000.

Excited bids at Kuenker saw it realise exactly €80,000.


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Image: Kuenker

Last updated: 16 March 2010