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Coca-Cola Goggomobil TL-400 tops Weiner Microcar Museum sale

The sale of a Coca-Cola themed Goggomobil TL-400 led the first day of sales

A Coca-Cola Goggomobil TL-400 was among the top selling cars at RM Auctions' auction of the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum.

The February 15-16 auction saw over 200 examples from Weiner's museum offered, with the Coca-Cola-themed pickup truck selling for $125,000 and meeting its high estimate.

Bruce Weiner Coca-Cola Goggomobil
Weiner obviously has a sweet tooth - before starting his collection he founded the American bubblegum company, Dubble Bubble

Goggomobil was a series of microcars manufactured by Glas in Germany in the years following the second world war. The company issued a series of three such models, all of which were originally equipped with a two-stroke 250cc engine.

There were just 1,500 examples of the Goggomobil TL-400 bought by prominent German companies and only four in the semi-open pickup configuration are known to have survived. The present model's Coca-Cola livery will undoubtedly have boosted bids on sale day, as collecting memorabilia from the iconic brand has long been a popular area.

Peel P50 microcar
The world's smallest car, the Peel P50

Also selling well was the Peel P-50, the smallest car ever built. With just three wheels, one seat and a single door, the 1964 model at auction sold for $105,000. The diminutive drive was produced for just one year on the Isle of Man, UK, in a total run of 47.

According to reports, a single buyer purchased 20 of Weiner's finest microcars, with rumours circulating that, having recently sold one of his businesses, the mystery investor was looking to join the lucrative collector car market. According to Autoweek, this newcomer to the market will be displaying the cars in his chain of clothing stores.

However, the buyer may have done better to turn his attention toward Mercedes-Benz, according to the HAGI Mercedes-Benz Classic Index, which has shown a 3.5% increase in value in January 2013 alone. Sign up to Paul Fraser Collectibles' free weekly newsletter for more of the latest news and investment advice.

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Images: RM Auctions

Last updated: 18 February 2013