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Guy Gibson Dambusters autographs to soar in UK auction

An array of autographs from Guy Gibson who led the famous Dambusters raid are to sell at PFC Auctions

The current sale at PFC Auctions will be highlighted by a selection of autographs from Guy Gibson, commanding officer of the legendary Dambusters raid during the second world war.

Dambusters guy gibson flight log book
This log book could be worth thousands when the 2nd Dambusters film is released

In 1943, RAF Squadron 617 carried out the raid known as Operation Chastise. Using specially developed bouncing bombs, the operation breached two major German dams which triggered mass flooding in the Ruhr valley and was a crucial development in the Allies' victory.  

The heroic mission prompted the 1955 classic film The Dam Busters, based on the two books written by Guy Gibson.

Gibson has since become cemented in the minds of the public as one of the greatest heroes to emerge from the war. His efforts were rewarded when he was honoured with a Victoria Cross medal in 1943.

The auction will be highlighted by a Gibson signed flight log book.

The log book details the flights of Flight Sergeant Leslie Edward Tozer from 1942-1950. It was signed by Gibson as commander of Tozer's squadron, shortly before he was selected to lead Operation Chastise. Currently selling at £348, the piece offers great value to collectors and an opportunity to own a distinctive piece of wartime history.

Now is the time to invest in the hero; Guy Gibson autographed memorabilia is set for a sharp increase in value when a remake of The Dam Busters film is eventually released.

The log book will be joined at auction by two fantastic Gibson-signed photographs of Lancaster Bombers, with the names of the crew that flew on the raid written beneath.

You can see all of the superb Guy Gibson items in the sale here.

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