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Signed Hitler letter could make $8,000 at Mullock's sale

A 1932 letter that enabled Hitler to run for president comes to auction in June


A signed letter by Adolf Hitler asking for time off work comes to auction next month with a top end estimate of £5,000.

The typed letter's high price is due to its political ramifications, which could well make it a target for investors.

Hitler sought a break from his administrative duties with the state of Brunswick so he could run for president of the Reich in 1932.

"I hereby request leave of absence to the end of the time for the selection of the next President of the Reich, Yours Faithfully, Adolf Hitler," reads the letter.

Hitler lost out to Paul von Hindenburg but successfully stood for election as chancellor a year later.

Hitler's letter of ill portent could make £5,000

Richard Westwood-Brookes of Mullock's, the auction house conducting the June 2 sale, comments: "It is likely he did the typing too - there are several spelling mistakes in it."

"It is an incredibly rare item and hugely important in the rise of Hitler."

The job in Brunswick enabled Austrian-born Hitler to gain German citizenship, a requirement to stand for the presidency.

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Last updated: 25 May 2011