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Alfred Hitchcock autographs for sale

A rare signed letter and a photo signed by the director of The Birds have swooped onto the market

Alfred Hitchcock was and remains an iconic director, best known for his films Psycho and The Birds.

Hitchcock autographs are rare enough to be considered investments, and a good example has just appeared on the market: a letter dated January 14th, 1957 at which time he was filming the movie 'Vertigo'.

The letter, addressed to a Mr Gerig, was mailed from Hitchcock's office at Paramount Pictures in California and is available online.

It is not the only Hitchcock autograph on the market, however. 

Alfred Hitchcock
Hitchcock considers the scene from behind his director's chair

A clear signature on a classic picture of the iconic director has also recently become available showing the director deep in thought from behind his chair on set. The highly collectible piece captures something of the intensity of the man, and is for sale right now.

Last updated: 25 February 2010