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"Four times profit, It's better than the stock market"

Billionaire Investor, Bill Gross, talking to the New York Times in 2007 after seeing his collection of British stamps sell for $9.1m at auction. Mr Gross had spent just 7 years building the collection at a cost of less than $2.5m.

'High net worth individuals are increasingly turning to alternative investments,'

The London Times newspaper

"None of my other investments give me the joy that autographs do, because they make me feel that I am holding a piece of history in my hands. In my view they are the most undervalued of all areas of collecting, especially when you consider what people are paying for even second rate paintings."

Malcom Forbes, founder of Forbes Magazine, describing his passion for autographs and manuscripts.

"Paul Fraser knows collectibles like Warren Buffett knows stocks...

or like Bill Gross knows bonds."

Source: Dr Steve Sjuggerud, DailyWealth

"More money has been lost by indecision than by making the wrong decision"

General Colin Powell

"Stamp collecting dispels boredom, enlarges our vision, broadens our knowledge, make us better citizens and in innumerable ways, enriches our lives"

Source: President Roosevelt 


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