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Stamp Indices

The rare stamp market is covered by three indices which have been listed on Professional Bloomberg terminals since 2008. 

SG100 Stamp Index©

The SG100 index© is designed to provide a definitive measure of overall market performance and helps to measure individual price increases.

The index is based on retail and auction prices for the top 100 most commonly traded stamps in the world.

It has recorded a cumulative increase of 89.7% since its launch in 2000.

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GB30 Rarities Index©

The GB30 Rarities Index© is a collection of 30 desirable classic GB stamps.

The index increased by 38.6% in the last year, with the best performing stamp increasing by 93.5%. The worst performer in the index showed an increase of 8.6%.

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Commonwealth Rarities Index©

The Commonwealth Rarities Index© records prices of 30 desirable classic stamps from the British Commonwealth.

The index has recorded a compound increase of 143% in the last 10 years.

The best performing stamp has increased by 336% in that time.

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Last updated: 24 April 2014